SAP S/4HANA real-time analytics best for tactical decisions

Experts say the built-in tool is fine for operational decisions when running S/4HANA business processes, but not for sophisticated strategic planning and predictive analytics.

Europe is drawing fresh battle lines around the ethics of big data

First GDPR fines coming this year is just the start, says data protection supervisor Giovanni Buttarelli
You might believe that little of substance has changed for big tech’s data-hungry smooth operators since then — beyond firing out a wave of privacy policy update spam, and putting up a fresh cluster of consent pop-ups that are just as aggressively keen for your data.

Cloudera and Hortonworks: Prodigal sons reunite

The two foundational Hadoop companies announce their intention to merge. Is it a whole greater than the sum of parts, or a shotgun wedding? And what’s the combined company going to be called?

Cisco, SAP team up to ease cloud, container integration, management

Cisco’s Container Platform will work with SAP’s Data Hub to integrate large data sets that may be in public clouds such as Amazon Web Services, Hadoop, Microsoft or Google.

Adobe, Microsoft and SAP announce the Open Data Initiative

On Monday this week, the CEOs of Adobe, Microsoft and SAP introduced the Open Data Initiative at the Microsoft Ignite conference. Together, the three partners are aiming to reimagine customer experience management (CXM) by empowering companies to derive more value from their data and deliver good customer experiences in real-time.

Qlik Releases Associative Big Data Index for Large-Scale Analytics

Qlik recently announced the release of its new Associative Big Data Index. Available later this month, the solution makes the company’s associative experience available on top of very large data sources, enabling users to search big data repositories. The Associative Engine is governed and can be deployed within big data repositories, eliminating the need to prepare and transfer data before it can be analyzed.

SAP Adds Machine Learning Algorithms to Analytics Cloud

SAP has deployed machine learning algorithms into their Analytics Cloud as part of an effort to deliver real-time analytics.

How Alternative DBs are Disrupting the Conventionals in 2018

NEWS ANALYSIS: As AWS has scaled out, it now perceives a need for new-gen functionality inside DBs that are easier to manage, not as expensive to maintain, and more flexible in integrating and moving workloads

Microsoft adds Python support to Power BI

A preview feature allows Python scripts to be used as data sources and as a way to create visualizations in Power BI Desktop

OEMs Start Turning Data Into Gold

Aiming for streamlined production and improved in-service reliability, Airbus expands Skywise to suppliers.