Open-sourcing data will make big data bigger than ever

Open source changed everything about how we write code, can open-sourcing data do the same for big data?
The experts say yes.

Tableau unveils high-scale Hyper engine, previews self-service data-prep and ‘smart’ capabilities

What’s new, what’s coming, and what’s missing, a conference recap from Tableau Conference 2017.
Tableau Software is the Apple of the analytics market, with a huge fan base and enthusiastic customers who are willing to stand in long lines for a glimpse at what’s next. Last week’s Tableau Conference in Las Vegas proved that once again with record attendance of more than 14,000.

SAP Vora 2.0 ushers in containers, Kubernetes, tighter HANA integration

SAP’s Spark-based data query platform gets a refresh. Now it’s containerized, cloudified and runs on Spark 2.x.
SAP Vora is the German Enterprise software company’s Apache Spark-based front-end for dimensional query of data stored in HANA, Hadoop-based data lakes and other data repositories, including Amazon S3. It allows users to define a dimensional model over their data and then leverages a push-down architecture to query the data sources without requiring the data to be moved or replicated.
Introduced in preview form a little over two years ago and made generally available in March, 2016 under the name HANA Vora, SAP is today announcing a refreshed version of the product: Vora 2.0.

Microsoft Power BI Now Makes AI-Driven App Recommendations

Trying to decide what Power BI app to use? The software now uses AI to deliver targeted app recommendations.

6 big data privacy practices every company should adopt in 2018

It’s never too early to start planning for the next year. Taking steps toward protecting your company’s data now could pay off big in the future.
Issues surrounding data privacy are as legally unresolved today as they were two years ago, but the recent Equifax breach now puts a clear focus on them that strikes fear into the hearts of CIOs.

Hadoop was hard to find at Strata this week

It’s been barely six months since the word “Hadoop” was removed from the name of the world’s biggest big-data trade show, and at this week’s Strata Data Conference in New York City, Hadoop all

Top 10 Trends for Data Storage with Big Data Analytics

For some years now, data storage vendors have been incorporating big data and analytics tools such as Hadoop into their products. However, the performance requirements of these applications have sometimes proven hard to align with a prodigious need for raw capacity. The typical approach has been to provide an architecture that spans several storage products in order to provide both the performance needed as well as the capacity that these workloads require at a reasonable cost.
“This usually results in a lot of complexity — multiple consoles and systems, for example — as well as high operating costs,” said Laz Vekiarides, chief technology officer of ClearSky Data.
But that is changing. A new generation of storage tools seek to add more analytics and deal better with big data. Here are some of the top trends.

SAP wants to embrace all your data stores with Data Hub

SAP aims to leave your data where it finds it, centralizing only the processing, not the storage

Hitachi launches Vantara, aims to target IoT, data center, cloud, analytics

Hitachi is creating a separate company to focus on big data and technology infrastructure in a bid to grab digital transformation business.
The entity, called Hitachi Vantara, unifies a series of enterprise units including:

Hitachi Data Systems;
Hitachi Insight Group;
And Pentaho.

Microsoft Power BI Gets More Interactive with Drillthrough Pages

The new drillthrough filtering options in Power BI allows data explorers to gather new insights with just a click.