Cloudera acquires Arcadia Data, shows Q2 improvement

Cloudera’s initial release of the Cloudera Data Platform appears to have led to less uncertainty in the second quarter. Separately, Cloudera acquired Arcadia Data to fill in some analytics gaps.

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Brazilian citizen data under threat with sale of national tech firms

A manifesto released by the employees at one of the state-controlled firms to be privatized by the government raises concerns over the future of information belonging to millions of citizens.

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Future of data science: 5 factors shaping the field

Data science is one of the most lucrative practices for organizations, but companies must take note of these five factors moving forward.

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With more hybrid cloud offerings, does Azure Stack still stack up?

Microsoft’s Azure Stack isn’t the only hybrid cloud game in town, with new on-premises solutions available from Google and AWS

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Microsoft SQL Server 2008/R2 reach end of support; SQL Server 2019 and Azure await

Microsoft’s database releases from 2008 and 2010 reach end of extended support. In response, Redmond says, that for many customers, the time for cloud migration has arrived.

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GDPR and the Transparency Revolution

It’s been 1 year since GDPR went into effect, and in that time, the regulation has driven a great deal of meaningful conversations around consumer privacy and enterprise data management policies. In an age where “data is the new oil,” fueling innovation and growth, enterprises face all kinds of new challenges when it comes

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The deal is good news for users, less so for users of Tableau alone.’s $15.7 billion bid for Tableau Software has many organizations wondering how the proposed acquisition will impact their operations. According to industry analysts, it all depends on how your enterprise makes use of their respective platforms.
Users of Salesforce’s CRM platform

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Hadoop runs out of gas

As big data customers flee complexity and embrace the cloud, the Hadoop vendors are sputtering

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Salesforce’s $15.7 billion Tableau acquisition: Everything you need to know

Salesforce’s purchase of Tableau is a strategic play to be combine enterprise data on one platform. Here’s a look at the strategic rationale, wild cards, and what it means for customers.
Salesforce’s $15.7 billion purchase of Tableau is arguably the most strategic move the company has made, as it fleshes out its master plan to

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Power BI: New UI, more AI

UI updates; general availability of preview features; as well as promoted and certified datasets, are here now. New AI-powered visuals and features are coming, as are an Office-like UI and natural language query enhancements.

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