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GDPR and the Transparency Revolution

It’s been 1 year since GDPR went into effect, and in that time, the regulation has driven a great deal of meaningful conversations around consumer privacy and enterprise data management policies. In an age where “data is the new oil,” fueling innovation and growth, enterprises face all kinds of new challenges when it comes

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The deal is good news for users, less so for users of Tableau alone.’s $15.7 billion bid for Tableau Software has many organizations wondering how the proposed acquisition will impact their operations. According to industry analysts, it all depends on how your enterprise makes use of their respective platforms.
Users of Salesforce’s CRM platform

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Hadoop runs out of gas

As big data customers flee complexity and embrace the cloud, the Hadoop vendors are sputtering

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Salesforce’s $15.7 billion Tableau acquisition: Everything you need to know

Salesforce’s purchase of Tableau is a strategic play to be combine enterprise data on one platform. Here’s a look at the strategic rationale, wild cards, and what it means for customers.
Salesforce’s $15.7 billion purchase of Tableau is arguably the most strategic move the company has made, as it fleshes out its master plan to

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Power BI: New UI, more AI

UI updates; general availability of preview features; as well as promoted and certified datasets, are here now. New AI-powered visuals and features are coming, as are an Office-like UI and natural language query enhancements.

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AI, cybersecurity talent top list of hard-to-find skills

A majority of IT managers say they are expected to deliver more applications than a year ago. In most cases, they are working with the same number of developers.

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Tableau’s latest release steps up mapping game

Release 2019.2 of Tableau represents an overhaul of the company’s underlying mapping technology. Location and geospatial data is increasingly being combined with analytics for context and mapping tools to aid predictions.
Tableau’s latest release includes a bevy of features designed for location-based analytics as well as vector maps powered by Mapbox.
Release 2019.2 of Tableau represents

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50,000 enterprise firms running SAP software vulnerable to attack

Updated: 9 out of 10 SAP production systems are believed to be vulnerable to new exploits.

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Delta Lake gives Apache Spark data sets new powers

A new open source project from Databricks adds ACID transactions, versioning, and schema enforcement to Spark data sources that don’t have them

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MongoDB extends into a new mobile Realm

MongoDB’s latest foray is acquiring Realm, a popular alternative to SQLite, for sealing the deal with mobile app developers.

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