The two companies will integrate Cisco’s WebEx and Spark and IBM’s Verse and Connections with a hefty does of cognitive computing form Watson.

Cisco and IBM said their collaboration tools–WebEx and Spark and Verse and Connections–will be interoperable and include Watson hooks for analytics and context.

The partnership between the two tech giants comes as they have already inked an Internet of things pact.

Under the collaboration partnership, IBM will drop Watson’s cognitive computing tools into Cisco’s platforms and its own applications.

Jens Meggers, general manager of the cloud collaboration technology unit at Cisco, said the aim was to better integrate IBM’s software to “reduce friction” in how work is being done.

Meggers said in an interview that video demand in collaboration has surged.

Inhi Cho Suh, general manager of collaboration solutions at IBM Analytics, said the integration will make completing work easier. “WebEx is one of the market leaders and the decision was easy to make,” said Suh.

Suh added that workers should be able to choose their collaboration tools and mix together what they want. “Clients will choose experiences that work for them,” said Suh. “What we can bring is cognitive, patterns of usage and contextual insights to things like a calendar and document sharing.”